Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3rd place

On Saturday, I ran in the American Diabetes race by the U of U Research Park.
It was a windy, stormy morning .
The best part was I came in Third place for my age group...
Mike thought I should wear my metal to church on Sunday.
Sorry, the ribbon didn't match my Easter dress.
I may be slow but it really was exciting to finally place!
My new goal is to keep running until I'm 60...
(I've noticed not many women who are that age still run... maybe by then, I'll win the race! )


  1. Congrats Aunt Joy that is awesome!!! I hope to start running in races someday again soon!!! I am so glad you have joined the blogging world...now I can keep up with you and uncle mike:) We love you hope to see you sometime soon!!!

  2. Third place, before I know it you're going to put Dad and I to shame. Start training for a half marathon!

  3. Whooho, Aunt Joy!! I'd say 3rd is great! (I prefer to run only when being chased) Keep up the good work, I'm sure you'll make it and be the spry-est (?) 60yr old in the race!

  4. Good job, Mom! Why didn't you mention this to me on the phone on Sunday?

  5. Wow, you've really come a long way with your running. congrats on third place, and i love your new goal! amazing what motivation a good race can provide.
    -Lorena (forgot to sign out for Rob)