Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oil Painting & Easy Salsa

Every since I was little, I have loved being creative. My mother encouraged my sister and I to sew our own Barbie doll clothes, furniture and even a cardboard Barbie house. Mom had plenty of artistic supplies for us to create these items with: a couple of closets seriously full of fabric, tins filled with beads and one with all shapes and sizes of buttons.
I love to oil paint - (Here's my first portrait....I finished her in March. I'm taking a fun class teaching me to paint portraits on Thursday nights.) No, I don't know who the person is, I was suppose to paint someone I did not know.

Yummy Salsa Tip:
Here's a fun way to make yummy salsa. Purchase your favorite salsa from the store (we like the fresh salsa that you get in the produce area)...add 1 can of tomato sauce to about 1/2 cup of the salsa. Warm the salsa in a small sauce pan, pour into a bowl..and enjoy with your favorite tortilla chips.


  1. Oh Mom, you're just so creative. Why didn't I get any of those genes?

  2. you are, indeed, creative. I just love the card you sent us for our wedding :) My mom was very creative, too. Sadly I didn't get any of those genes from her :(

  3. Such talent! You're so crafty. I miss poking through Grandma's fabric stash, that was always a highlight of venturing into the basement. And your mystery lady has some serious bling! When I saw her I thought of a character from "The Great Gatsby" for some reason..?