Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Blessing of Family & Friends

Family & Friends really can be a blessing when...they are thoughtful and talented.

I came home from jogging last week and a friend was planting my planter box for me. Isn't it beautiful? I was so delighted and surprised!

My oldest brother, Lester, came into town and I hired him to build a shower in our basement. After 23 years in this house, we finally have a shower. YEA! I still need to get a glass person to make the shower door but doesn't it look great? Wait, look at the pretty border....
On Friday, Mike's cousins, Barbara & Peggy (and Bruno too) came from Eureka, California for a short visit. We loved having them...they were so much fun. We had a little Candrian Cousin party Friday night. (Thank you to all who came.) Barbara went on evening walks with me and brought a copy of a letter from her Father that took the Candrian line back one more generation. Mike enjoyed reminiscing and watching old home movies while it was my chance to just get to know them better.


  1. I can't believe you finally got a shower! Too bad I'm not home to enjoy it!

  2. You are right Aunt Joy. My dad did do a good job on the shower.

  3. Yea, that shower would have been really useful about 15 years ago!

  4. Everytime I come home you guys have done something new it our house. Way to FINALLY get a shower put in, it's about time, although there's no one there to use it anymore! :) The planter box looks great too by the way, and I'm glad you had fun with Dad's cousins. Very cool! Oh, and why didn't you mention getting pulled over by the cops? :) Just wondering.

  5. Is there a shelf for the shower... to put shampoo on? I like it.