Friday, May 8, 2009

Wrongfully Accused

Peggy Candrian loved the "PC" on the mountain in Park City. We decided that she needed a picture of her with her initials. So being the photographer that I am, I drove down a residential street trying to get closer to the mountain so she would have a good shot of her with her initials. While taking the photograph, a guy in a red truck pulled up a little ways from us and stayed while we took our three photos. We left the neighborhood and drove down the highway looking for the street to go to the Olympic Museum. anyway the red truck kept following us. This is making me a little worried...maybe he's an undercover police officer and I better make sure I'm going the speed limit. Okay, occasionally I don't ...but I'm usually pretty good at obeying the traffic laws. I turned into a street that I thought would take us to the museum, oops, it was one street too soon plus there was a sign that said, "private property, do not enter." Being the good citizen that I am, I turned around, got back onto the highway and right then, red lights start blaring...obviously, unknown to me, I messed up somehow...but I couldn't figure out what I had done.

Not only does one police car pull me over but pretty soon I have a police car in front of me and two behind me. Then there are policeman surrounding my car. Okay, really what did I do?

The police officer at my window asked me what I was doing in the neighborhood? I'm nervous and start talking really fast explaining how my husbands cousins are visiting us from California and Peggy wanted her picture taken with the "PC". I start to introduce everyone in the car to the police officer and then as proof, I whip out the camera and show him my photos. What did I do wrong, I asked him, talking a mile a minute...he asks for my license which I pull right out....takes it back to his car. When he comes back he asked me if I ran a red light. No, I tell him, I've been going the speed limit and trying to obey all the laws. Well, the guy in the red truck had called us into the Park City poise saying we were driving suspiciously and ran a red light and he is just sure that we are the ones who broke into his two homes in that neighborhood a few days ago. (My car is a little Acura, not a lot of trunk space...wouldn't a robber had a bigger car so they could actually steal more things? Besides, we were three harmless women with a little white dog).

I'm sure by the time the police officer got done with us, he was laughing all the way to his car. Oh, James or Jill, if you read this, would you check this story out? I want to let the Park City police force know the guy in the red truck was harassing us for no reason.

I was so embarrassed...imagine, me a robber?


  1. Ha Ha...Aunt Joy are secretly leading a life of a criminal!!!! Unfortunetly James gets calls like this everyday!!!! People have nothing better to do with there time then look for people who look suspicious!! But they have to take every call seriously!!! Sorry for the wierd red truck guy!!! I bet Peggy and Helen had a good laugh!!!

  2. Oh, many times have you been pulled over now? :)

  3. That's really one of the craziest "being pulled over" stories I've heard! Way to go Aunt Joy!

  4. When you talk a mile a minute and don't explain yourself well, that probably doesn't help the situation. I can only imagine what they were thinking. :)

  5. That's crazy! You a robber, never! I can see how you'd be embarrassed...everyone driving by, thinking that your some crazy criminal to need more than one police car.