Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mike's San Francisco trip

Last Thursday, Mike flew to San Francisco to meet his friend, Steve Grant and enjoy a few Giants games. He and Steve rented bikes and rode across the Golden Gate Bridge. SF seems to rejuvenate Mike's spirit. There must be something about the bay area that he needs in his system. My only request was that he couldn't come back to Utah without fresh sour dough french bread. YUM!
I stayed home and Mike also brought home tickets for "Wicked" so, to celebrate our anniversary(the end of August), we'll be going to SF. On Saturday, I ran in a charity race along the Jordan Parkway, it was a fun run...plus I came in 1st for my age group and improved my 5k time.


  1. Way to go Aunt Joy! and I rember being at the reception in Grandma and Grandpa's back yard. Happy Anniversary, love and miss you guy's

  2. That was nice of Dad to surprise you with a nice anniversary trip! I think SF rejuvenates all of our spirits!

  3. Nice work on improving your time, Mom!!! When do you want to run a marathon with me?

    I'd agree with Britt...San Fran rejuvenates us all.