Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wow, what a tour!

Sunday night Mike & I got home from another DC trip. We enjoyed being with our children...except Amy who's on her own work adventure in Botswana (luckily, we did get to chat with her using Rob's laptop & it was great to hear her voice!) We really missed her!
My favorite tour ever was arranged by Brittany to view the upper dome of the capital. WOW! The views and the art work were amazing. Thank you Brittany! Connections make life very interesting. Did you know that one of the medallions opens up like a hatch and you can look at the floor below? (see the middle photo). We joked about the 300 stairs we took to get to the top of this building. We were so grateful it stopped raining...the views of the city were really clear.


  1. Everyone keeps blogging about how much fun last weekend was...makes me sad I wasn't there. But I'll be home in 22 days, you can begin marking off the days on your calendar until my arrival. :)

  2. You guys take such fun vacations!!! If we ever go back east we will need to take you as our tour guide:)