Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yesterday, Rob & Lorena flew to Stockholm. Mike got the call saying they arrived tired but safely. I've promised myself that I'd be happy for them......and I truly am. Rob likes his job with the State Department, he loves to travel & his stay in Sweden will be a great experience for his family. It'll even mean Mike & I will hopefully travel to Sweden at least yearly.

Why did I cry when jogging yesterday morning?
Why did I cry when saying the blessing on our food Sunday night?
Why did Amy & Brittany call me crying, Monday night; and then I started to cry?
Why did I cry when I called Rob to wish he & Lorena a safe trip yesterday?

TEARS pop into my eyes; I breath deeply and tell myself, "It's okay, it's a great opportunity, all our children are employed, I can deal with the separation of mother from adult-child. I remind myself that I am grateful for the different modern forms of communication like: cell phones, computers with cameras, e-mail and gchatting! (How did our ancestors leave their homes & family?)

Sweden is almost 5,000 miles from Utah, a fight to DC seems to take all day but to Sweden it's a minimum of 16 hours and 20 minutes! DC is two hours ahead of us but Sweden is 8 hours ahead of us.
I also ponder how Mike & I will keep our family close in-spite of the miles? 
(SUGGESTIONS appreciated.)


  1. Well I'm sure glad that I don't make you cry. :)

  2. How to make our family close despite the long miles apart? Hmmm . . . thank goodness Skype was invented and that we have email. Also, can someone please win the lottery so that we can afford to go to all of these places?

  3. You can fly us all to Sweden on a yearly basis. I think that will solve all problems! :)

  4. You are all such a cute family and have done so good at staying in touch!!! I don't think any of you will have a problem staying in touch:) It was fun to see you guys tonight!!!!