Friday, August 21, 2009

Once Again Blessed

Saturday, Amy & I will run in my first 10k for the Wasatch Woman Love Your Body. I got really nervous yesterday & thought I'd ruined my chances of running when I stupidly poured out a pan of boiling water into the sink which splashed onto my right leg. Luckily, I had the sense to get a package of frozen Betty Crocker lemon frosting from the freezer (left over from a muffin mix that I thought I'd use but never have) anyway I found that it made a great ice was pliable & skinny & long but honestly, it was the first frozen thing I found to grab to cool the burning skin. THANK YOU BETTY CROCKER for making a great, versatile product!

So yesterday, instead of training for this run, I sat on a bar stool & iced my leg & prayed that it would be alright and thought how stupid I was to pour boiling water in a sink towards me instead of away from me...after a half hour I tried to run but only made it around the block before my leg was burning so I went home & iced my leg some more. I made it to work & iced my leg most of the morning but by the time I got to work, I'd moved onto a large chunk of ice, place a towel on top of it, found a carpet sample which I placed onto my garbage can & elevated my leg with the ice on top of that. I've also applied a lot of aloe onto my leg & love it's "cooling" effect on the burn.

Today, I was actually able to go running. Imagine my joy when I saw a fox run across the jogging path I was on. It was so cool! I have never seen a fox in Utah ...except for in the zoo...I think. Anyway, I feel like my prayers were answered & even though my leg has ugly red marks on it... it didn't blister & I feel really confident that I can run in tomorrow's race...along with 1350 other women. THAT'S a lot of WOMEN! I may need more prayers to run with that many women.

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