Friday, September 4, 2009

Crossing Bridges

The other day Mike said that we've crossed a lot of bridges together and he's right we have...32 years of marriage will do that. We've learned a lot, suffered with trials, experienced death of our parents. We've watched our children grow into fine adults. Trips with family are happy times for us. This past weekend we enjoyed a wonderful trip where we crossed a few bridges, Richmond Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge as we celebrated this milestone. We enjoyed beautiful, warm weather on Saturday, jogged around his old Marin neighborhood, visited a beloved neighbor, Mrs. Boro (who took Mike to his first Giants game) savored the views of San Francisco, watched the musical, "WICKED" (love, love, love it)! We hurried to the Giant's game where Mike met a friend, John Boro. The Giants won & Panda hit a ball out of the park...reason for celebration! Andrea came with us too and it was great to share one on one time with her...besides we had our own personal photographer.
Sunday, we went to the only ward left in Marin & Mike saw a few people he knew from his youth...very few. The day was foggy and chilly toward the city but we still enjoyed our few days in this beautiful part of the world.


  1. I think your next trip will be to see your first grandkid, right?

  2. You categorize watching your children grow into fine adults as a trial?

  3. I want a permanent life vacation. How do I get that?