Saturday, October 24, 2009

6 weeks old

We arrived one week ago today. Today our grandson is 6 weeks I was running yesterday I thought about how much babies change and how at first our time is measured in we measuring time in months and as we grow older we measure our time in years. Isn't it sad that we aren't growing and developing weekly? I mean, just think how much we could at least mentally grow. This is Michael with little Michael a week ago...this was taken Thursday night. He loves his bath time with Grandma! During his bath time, we had a great chat tonight. I asked him what his cousin was going to be like and he smiled and tried to tell was so cute!


  1. Which cousin was he trying to tell you about?

    He's sure a cute kid. No resemblence between Michael, Sr. and Michael, Jr. except maybe the bald head!

  2. His little cousin that's due in one month.