Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stockholm in the Fall

Fall in Stockholm is beautiful, you need to go to Amy's blog to see all the photos I've taken since we've been here.
Today, I thought you'd like to see the neighborhood that Rob & Lorena & Michael are living in....

They live really close to a marina so I walked down past the tennis club, past the park to the other side of the marina...I shot the photos looking back toward their duplex. The sign is the name of their street & I know you just love our photos of Michael...he really seems to have grown since we've been here.
Our little boy was blessed at church today. I am so happy we were able to be here for this sacred event. We have to leave tomorrow. I've already shed tears!


  1. It's okay, mom. Hopefully you'll have another baby to love soon!

  2. Did he learn to stand in the few hours I was gone? What in the world?

  3. Your grandson is absolutely adorable! If only they weren't so far away.....