Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This all started with getting bids for a new bathroom cabinet for the downstairs bathroom...and ended up with tearing out the kitchen cabinets, chipping away at the old tile flooring, replacing light fixtures and ordering granite countertops. The cabinets were torn out a week ago yesterday. We are down to one working sink. The new cabinets were installed last Thursday. On Saturday, the lights were installed by Garry & Brant Jeppesen, Jeff Candrian and Mike... I loved having family members working together to complete this task. I even got sick of picking out lights and the four men went to Lowes and choose a new light for our main bathroom and wouldn't let me look at it until it was hung. They did a good job with their selection.

I was painting the kitchen walls giving them a second coat while they were installing the last light. I've replaced cabinet knobs in all three bathrooms. I've spent days looking at hard wood flooring & am getting sick of looking. I found one flooring that Mike & I really liked but our installer came over last night and started to tell us everything we would need to do to the floor if we used the one we selected and this morning before I came into work, I stopped off at Home Depot to see what they had. No more tile...it cracked and the grout chipped out...I was thinking of wood laminate but afraid it would look fake once the granite countertops are in. What do you like better, wood lamitate or the wood flooring?


  1. NICE! Your cabinets are so pretty! You will love your granite counter tops, I love mine! Personally, I like travertine, so I'm no help, sorry!

  2. I think a lot of the wood laminates look just as good as real wood these days, plus they are a LOT cheaper. I sometimes wish we would have gone with laminate in our kitchen. With real wood, dirt and junk gets stuck in between the wood grooves and sometimes it takes a lot to make it look clean again.

  3. We have hard wood and it scared me at first with kids and getting scratches or dings, but it has actually held up really well. The only downside is that every few years we have to get it "re-coated" (I don't know what the real term is), so it is always costing you a little money, but I think it is beautiful! There are beautiful laminates out there too though! My only advice for either.. Stay away from a really dark floor. My neighbor has a dark cherry floor and it is gorgeous, but you always see a fine layer of dust on it, even if she has just mopped or swept! Another thing with laminate... My other two neighbors have it and they complain about it streaking when they mop- maybe they just need to change the way they mop though! Good luck!

  4. Well, Joy, have you looked into bamboo? I've heard some really great things about it. :)