Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last week

This is the cruise ship we arrived on to see Drottingham Palace.

A little piano that children were allowed to sit and play outside the theater at Drottingham.
Hel love playing it because  it was just his size.
I started out my run in drizzle and finished the 6 miles across one of the bridges to Stockholm from Rob's house and back again in a huge, soaking rain storm. YEA, I did it!

I dressed my little grandson up in an outfit similar to one that Rob had when he was his age. Here he is with Rob's treasured toy, "Puppy Too".   Rob was on his way to Frankfurt, Germany for a work conference.

This simple alphabet book became a favorite, I think I read it at least 20 times one day to him.
Eventually, he could point out a few of the images when I would ask him to show me the "robot" or the "seahorse".

Millesgarden on Lindingo.

A good trip, a long flight home...good to be home but already missing my grandsons. Trips like these make me miss having my family so far away.  At least I'm forced into seeing new things and having a wide variety of adventures if I want to spend time with our family, which I really matter the distance.
My friend, Roxanne Parker, joined me in Stockholm during my second week there.
 We walked, explored and shopped a lot.


  1. Looks like you had fun, but welcome back to America. I don't really like you being gone for two weeks.

  2. Thanks Mom and Dad,

    Michael doesn't know what to do now that his grandparents are gone.

  3. That picture of Michael reading the book is darling!

  4. Umm, does Roxanne want to come to Knoxville, too?

  5. Happy Late Birthday to Uncle Mike! Looks like you had a wonderful time in Sweden!

  6. from Lorena: It was great having you, Mike and Roxanne here with us. Thanks for everything you guys did to help out around the house and taking such good care of Michael.
    I am so impressed with how fit you guys are - you with your run all the way to the bridge and back and Mike with his half marathon. Not too many grandparents who can claim that!