Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Tennessee Christmas

This is what we saw out Brittany's back window on Christmas day.

Christmas day....  Our favorite part of our trip was spending it with two of our daughters, son-in-law and adorable grandson plus being able to Skype the missing children and talk with them on our cell phones. I love modern technology!
When we came back to Utah, the best part was only having to put away under 10 Christmas items. That was the easiest after Christmas clean-up I've ever experienced since I was a child. Instead of cleaning up the house, I spent my day reading a really good novel..."Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet".  
 Next year, it sounds like we'll be enjoying a full all out Candrian Christmas at our house. I may have to put up a few more decorations!
Look at the beautiful Tennessee River which can be seen from a bedroom window. 
Christmas in Tennessee was cold!

World's largest Rubix Cube from the 1982 Knoxville World's Fair. 

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  1. I'm sad I wasn't there to hang out with you guys, but it looks like I wasn't needed in order for you to have fun, so that's good! :) I'll be home for year!