Sunday, March 20, 2011

The End of the World - Portugal

We would go to the end of the world for our children and that is what we did.

Last night, we returned from a fun trip to Portugal. This was never a place Mike nor I had ever thought about going to until Rob suggested that it would be warm (and yes, it was warmer than Utah and Sweden) and that they have great beaches and would we like to meet them there? Why not, right? 

Within an hour upon arriving in Portugal on Saturday, the 12th, we meet in the Lisbon airport for a three hour drive south to an area called the Algarve. Rob rented a villa where the group stayed just west of Lagos in a very nice British community. It was so great to be with some of our family!

Boopa soon became our grandson's favorite case you don't know what a Boopa is, it's Grandpa of course.  Grandma was not a word he would even attempt to say until he realized that Grandma is a fun person and would do just about anything for the little guy....eventually, he figured that word out too but Grandpa was definately his favorite person which really made Mike a happy person. 

We explored a different beach every day and were amazed at the uniqueness of each Portugese beach.  This is a beautiful country!  We are grateful we went and that we were able to spend the time and experience with part of our family.

Friday at the beach was actually the warmest day of our trip, it finally reached the high 60's.

Thursday night after dinner photo shoot,
this was the beach on the other side of the road from where we were staying...we loved the seahorse on the boat.

Amy and Lorena (hard to believe that Lorena is 5 months pregnant).

Near the "end of the world"...the most southwestern area of Portugal.

Oops, catch that boy!  He's headed for the ocean.
He's so skinny, his swim suit would not stay up.


  1. from Lorena:
    Hard to believe that fantastic vacation is over already!
    Also: 63. haha.