Thursday, May 19, 2011

If a task is once begun...

In third grade, I learned the following saying, "If a task is once begun, never leave it tell it's done. Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all."

Let me start by showing you a photo of the blessing dress I made for our first granddaughter .  A very old fashion, traditional christening dress.  I added tatting onto the dress which was made my her great, great grandmother, Ruby Cox. (I cut off one side of a hanky she tatted around for the trim).  The pattern is one that I've had for at least 32 years.  I made the first blessing dress when I was pregnant with Rob because back then we didn't know if I was having a boy or girl and I wanted to be prepared.  Then when I had Andrea and Brittany, I still wasn't prepared since we thought the twins would be a boy and a girl so I had to hurry and made one more blessing dress...sadly, I never finished the dress that Brittany wore (it still needs buttonholes and buttons). I was simply too busy taking care of babies and trying to get some sleep.   As soon as I finish the complicated baby quilt I'm making for this granddaughter, I decided I'd finish Brittany's blessing dress. . . I'll give it to Brittany once I'm finally done with it. Seems to me, I forgot that saying when it comes to this little white dress.  It's about time that I finish what I started even if it was 30 years later.   RIGHT?


  1. Lovely little dress. Nice job mother!

  2. So what did I wear if you never finished my dress? AND, I almost panicked because I thought you were about to say that you were going to give the dress you made for me (which I never knew about) to Lorena and that almost broke my heart (even though I may never have a girl).

  3. I used safety pins to keep the dress closed. Which totally makes me laugh now. You wore a dress that looks very much like the one picutred.
    No, I wouldn't give your dress to Lorena. Although Amy and Andrea wore the same blessing dress. I believe Amy and I have that one worked out, right Amy?

  4. Sure do! If we can only figure out how to make that actually happen. It's a cute dress, nice job mom!