Wednesday, May 11, 2011

O.K. - Better Than Okay

Last weekend, we enjoyed a quick weekend trip to visit Amy and John in Oklahoma City.  What a wonderful surprise to find Brittany & James
hiding in their backyard waiting for our arrival!
Gardens at the Museum

 We participated in the Jim Thorpe 5k with super  strong winds and a beautiful, warm morning running around  Lake Hefner...just look at Jame's hair to see how strong the wind was.  Joy won a first place metal.  Mike and Amy finished several minutes before her....too bad there were faster people their age.   

 The Cowboy Museum was part of our Saturday was interesting and very well done...a Definite "must see" while in OK,   We loved the western oil paintings on display.  Mike liked the John Wayne memorabilia. . ..who knew we'd see the actual hat and eye patch from "True Grit"?  

We also visited the serene Oklahoma City Memorial.  It's so sad to think of how many lives are affected by evil people and their actions.
Our little grandson loved trying on hats and glasses!  Spending a few days with our family was great.  Thank you Amy and John for hosting this mini family gathering.

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  1. You need to come back and visit, LOVED having you out here. Better yet, we'll come see you in a few months. :)