Monday, May 2, 2011

A Unique Time Capsule

Tucked under our house I found this:  Rob's football toy chest...a unique time capsule.
  • The football toy chest was given to Rob by his Grandma when he stayed with her while I was in the hospital with toxemia back in 1981 waiting for Andrea and Brittany's birth.
  • Grandma was spoiling him with a new toy a day.
  • She then decided he'd need a place to store the toys...thus, Rob toy chest.
  • Mike and I decided that the toy chest would be a great addition for Michael's new bedroom in Sweden.
    Tigger, Zipper, & a few old friends
        Here is what I found inside the old toy chest:
        Fireworks, cars & a Christmas stocking &umbrella hat.
        Flat Footballs
        Ninja Turtle and ???
        A heavy bag of sports ball, 49er towel....
        High School grad cap & track appearel
        Baseball hats...three are SF Giants a few items I took the liberty of throwing away...don't worry, here's what I threw away: a piece of rope, a dart and a few other items I know Rob wouldn't want. Hopefully, this week the toy chest will take a journey back to it's owner along with a bunch of stuff for their next baby and I'm not talking about the items I found in the chest.  Here's our dilemma..... 
        • Rob wants it sent empty.
        • Mike and I think it should go filled.
        • What do you think?


      1. Fill it, I don't get why he wouldn't want it filled. Might as well send them more goodies.

      2. Why would he want it empty? That's weird. I thought Rob liked gifts.

      3. Rob doesn't want anything that was inside of the toy chest.

      4. James would love ALL of that stuff, including the flat footballs and the football toy chest.

      5. Send it filled! Those action figures are awesome. My boys favorite things to play with are my old stuffed animals.