Monday, July 11, 2011

Overnight trip to Idaho

It was great to see Michael in Sugar City this past weekend. He’s such a nice, fun, handsome and great nephew!  Saturday night, we enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by Sue, played Wii (Michael had to show me how to work the controller since I hadn’t played in at least 2 years), Sue and I also had a few tennis matches…we went for a walk down their country road, got to ride in Michael’s very nice new mode of transportation, enjoyed frozen custard in Rexburg, slept in the new Springfield Inn (which was really nice)

The Dad's checking out the new car.

On Sunday, we went to their Sacrament meeting to hear Michael speak (he gave the best missionary talk), and then back to the Jeppesen house for fresh fruit and donuts and then a little fun with Ryman, Brylie and Kayden riding the go-cart.  Let’s just say that Taybri didn't want to play with her great aunt, maybe she didn't trust her siblings driving?

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  1. Dang, that is a pretty nice new car he got. Spoiled boy! Glad you had fun.