Sunday, August 14, 2011


Touching an eel at the aquarium.
This past week, Brittany & our grandson came for a visit...Andrea joined us on Monday and stayed until Wednesday. Michael Jeppesen came down from Idaho to spend a night with us. Jeff came and joined us for dinner two nights in a row (he provided fresh salmon for dinner one of the nights and we barbequed it and it was fabulous)!  Now, Mike and I are going thru withdrawals from a noisy house to a very quiet one.  All the toys are put away, the beds have been changed and we're wishing our grandson, daughters and nephews would all come back!  Anyone need a place to stay in Sandy? 

Shooting a few hoops with Grandpa.

He ask each of us to come in his blow-up pool.

His favorite place to play was in Grandpa & Grandma's closet. 
He'd come out with shoes on, clomping down the hall and into their kitchen.

Jeff trying to make me smile.

He loves steering wheels.  This one was at Wheeler Farm.

Loving the spray feature!

He would say, "Swing again Grandma!"

He also loved the drum stick but to hit balls with.


  1. Aw how incredibly fun! I wish we lived by you guys, I'd totally come over and do crafts with you!

  2. Alicia I'd love you to come over for craft time!

  3. Wow... that is a REALLY awful picture of me. Thank you for posting it.