Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our first Granddaughter

This post is a little late in coming but being as this little girl lives so far away, and then once we came home from our trip, we were exhausted and also had to go back to work full time to pay for our next trip... I just kept forgetting to put a few photo of her on this blog. 
Neither child was interested in this photo session.

Sporting matching hair cuts.

Andrea told tales and claimed that this is Mr. Fox's house. 
A real fox came on Rob & Lorena's patio and stole one of our grandsons balls....
so our grandson kept wanting to take a trip up the hill to Mr. Fox's House.
I wonder if he thought he'd see Mr. Fox?

This is what she did best - SLEEP

Grandpa teaching his grandson to shoot a bow and arrow.  A very useful skill.

I had to be very creative cake using whatever items I could find in Sweden to make this into Elmo. 
Turned out that the sprinkles were strawberry flavored, the nose - orange candy coated almond
and his smile - chocolate sauce.

What's a birthday without cake, RIGHT?

We took our grandson to Gruna Lund (an amusement park in Stockholm) to celebrate his 2nd birthday.
 Notice the knock-off Dumbo ride.  Our grandson knew exactly how to make the elephant soar. 
Seriously, he said push that button, flies high.  Wow, we miss them! 


  1. What beautiful grandchildren, Joy. They obviously take after their Grandma Candrian!

  2. I can't wait to meet her. And don't let me forget to tech you how to make your pictures look better on here while I'm home. :)