Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday Morning Run

I asked Mike to smile & he said he was. exhausted smile, maybe? 
This was after his 7 mile run.  His father use to run this trail & this was a goal of his to run it too. 

Saturday morning, at 7 a.m., Mike & I headed to Stinson Beach, California so Mike could participate in a race (which upon arriving there, we learned that the race was canceled.) After being annoyed, Mike found a bunch of people to run the Dipsea Trail with which meant running a ton of hills, over rocks & branches, hundreds of steps but beautiful views.  He ran with a new friend, Charlie. I took a different route and enjoyed a run north on Highway 1, then thru the streets of Stinson Beach and onto the was warm and beautiful and so easy to run at sea level.  My new pocket-sized camera joined me and this is what I saw:

Notice...this guy caught this fish right before I snapped this photo.

After our morning runs.

Charlie & Mike...just finishing the Dipsea Trail Run...two exhausted men.


  1. I love how dedicated you two are, but I think I love more, that you probably asked that fisherman to pose and smile for you. :)

  2. Beautiful. I'm jealous. What I wouldn't give to live there.

    Also what I wouldn't give to love running like you someday.