Monday, December 5, 2011

Pure JOY

Look at this little guys face - it radiates pure JOY!  Mike & I had our first real grandparent's day on Saturday with our little grandson who is visiting from Sweden.  We took him to the Sandy Aquarium & he couldn't get enough of this tank with a huge turtle and a lot of sharks.  He kept calling him Tommy the Turtle after a book his mother reads him.  The funny thing is that Mike...yes, MIKE keeps grabbing our new camera & snapping photo after photo. 

We really like being grandparents!


  1. Did dad take that top photo? It's really good. I love how you can see Michael's reflection.

    What constitutes as "a real grandparents day?"

  2. I can't wait to have a child that you two can have grandparent's day with, I only hope you'll love my child as much as you love Michael! :)

    I agree with Britt, that top photo is awesome, it almost looks professional.

  3. We love all of our grandchildren! Yes, your Dad took all those photos except the last one.
    My definition of Grandparent's day:
    Picking the child up at the parent's home, (or in this case, his other grandparent's home.)
    Taking the child on a fun outing.
    When the child is tired, taking the grandchild back to the parent.
    Generally, having a fun outing with our grandchild or grandchildren without their parent.