Thursday, December 1, 2011

Withdrawal Pains

After spending 10 days with the above two grandchildren & their mother,
5 days with our darling daughter...

7 days with Rob, Amy & John,  6 days with Brittany but only 4 days Brian.
THERE...Did I forget anyone?

One fun day will all of these guys...

Celebrating a birthday a few days early...
(Do you like my truck cake?)
Spending mornings playing outside with Grandpa
(Do you love the p.j. look with tennis shoes? Also, funny how Mike got into taking a lot of photos of his favorite boys.)

Mike & I are going thru

Sadly, everyone has left our home. 
Please come back!


  1. Was spending 9 days with me not noteworthy? :)

    I'm having with drawls, too. I don't know how I'm going to make it until New Years to see you guys again.

  2. You had to post that Thanksgiving dinner picture, didn't you?

    Don't worry, Amy. I didn't make a mention either. :)