Friday, March 2, 2012

You're my favorite...

When Sue and her boys were staying with us for a few days, we were talking about funny memories and I was telling them about Erin and how Mike would make her say the same thing about how she was so glad he came to visit because he was her favorite time she made a sign because she refused to say it to his face (I think she was around 10 or 11). 
I knew I made a copy of that sign. 
Yes, boys - here it is. 
When I found this last night, it made me laugh. 
Oh Erin, how we love you!

Isn't that what good memories are for - to make us laugh or smile? 
What's your favorite funny memory?


  1. I remember this so well. Erin would get so worked up over it. It makes me laugh just thinking about it. :)

  2. Oh, I remember making that sign. I think if I didn't say it, I would get tickled?

  3. Haha, that's hilarious, I forgot dad would make Erin say that. Didn't he make Jeff say something, too?