Sunday, July 1, 2012

Saturday in Jerome, Idaho

Kirk and Candria

Pool time with Candria's kids& a bunch of Dean's family
 On Saturday, Mike, Michael Jeppesen and I drove to Jerome, Idaho.  What's in Jerome, Idaho one might ask?  Well, our adorable niece and her family.

Back in October when we last saw
Candria's family, her oldest daughter wanted to know why we hadn't been there for her oldest brother's baptism.  I told her it was because we didn't know about it and she stated that she wanted Mike and I to be there for her baptism.  (This is a big deal reserved for all those eight years and up who at that age become accountable for their actions.)

A few weeks ago, Brylie called us and wanted us to know her baptism was coming up and would we come to it?

This great niece of ours is so sweet and loving, I couldn't turn her down. Last time we were in Jerome, Candria had just moved into her house and her youngest son was a new born baby.

Our Saturday went like this:

  • Mike & I went running.
  • Little bit of house cleaning.
  • Started our drive right before 11 a.m.
  • Ate lunch at Michael's choice of fast food -Wendy's outside of Tremonton, Utah.
  • About 2:45 p.m. we arrived at Candria's house. 
  • Checked into our hotel room.
  • Swimming - just the really fun adults and all the kids joined in - people like Michael J. and Joy.
  • Dinner at Candria's house.
  • Drove by the house our niece and her husband just purchased - from the outside it looks amazing.
  • Went to church and witnessed our adorable great-niece's baptism and confirmation.
  • Then a lot of friends and family joined in a backyard party at their house for wonderful homemade treats.

Oh Michael....what a good uncle you are!
This morning we drove back from Jerome in time for our 11 a.m. church services. 

So glad we went - nothing we do will replace the memories we make with our families.

Love her hair - ready to get baptized. 

AFTER:  Mother & Daughter.  We love these two!

Seriously -doesn't he have the cutest smile!  

Kirk playing tug of war with the one point it was just Kirk on one side and all the boys on the other.
 I'm sure you can guess who was the strongest in this contest.


  1. Aw, so fun, you guys are such great aunts and uncles...not to mention parents and grandparents!

  2. What time did the really fun adults go swimming?