Friday, February 22, 2013

A Child's Voice

I just got a phone call; my cell said it was from "restricted".  I love restricted calls because they are from my son's family.  I hear a little voice on the line that says, "Hi Grandma." (It was my little grandson calling from across the world.)  He told me he was eating cookies & cream ice cream & he really likes it.  He wants Boopa to come visit him. (Boopa is his grandpa.)  I got this phone call because I just sent a box of books to them, quite a few of these books were from Rob's childhood days like: "The Velveteen Rabbit", "Ralph's Secret Weapon" and "The Mysterious Tadpole" the last two are wonderful books by Steven Kellogg - one of my favorite children's illustator - author.
Usually every morning I talk to my other grandson that lives in Tennessee...I really like it when my grandchildren want to talk to me.  My favorite thing is the sound of a child’s voice saying, I love you grandma” which of course really makes my day!


  1. That is sweet...we need to do it more often.
    We are excited to have you visit soon!