Monday, February 4, 2013

Custom Sign-in Books

As I was putting the finishing touches on my latest custom made wedding sign-in book, I was wishing I would have taken photos of all the books I've been asked to make.  I can remember making one for the following people but it seems I've made more but I can't remember who they were for.  If I made you a book, I think you should e-mail me a photo of your book. PLEASE.  Or do you still have it?  (Wedding sign-in books are one of those things you look at maybe once & never again.  Am I right? These books do make your guests feel important - I guess.)
  1. Candria Jeppesen Lusk - a super simple handmade book out of handmade paper
  2. Erin Jeppesen Stevens
  3. Brittany
  4. Chelsea Whittenburg Day
  5. Amy's roommate(s)?
  6. Corby Whittenburg
  7. Naomi Osman Glover
  8. Janae Corsi
  9. Amy
  10. Andrea
  11. Sierra Parker                                                                                                                                                                              Sierra's book is a stick journal, bound with metal rings so it'll open easier for people to sign.  This book took me about 11 hours to make. I used a lot of things from my scrapbook stash which is a good thing.           
Sierra calls me her "Auntie Joy"...because she's priceless and this simple project took about 12 hours to make, I hope she'll like it.


  1. Chelsea's last name is Day, not Smith! :) Which one of my roommates did you make one for? I vaguely remember that. I can take a picture of mine for you, no prob!

    P.S. Nice job, as always!

  2. I can gladly take pictures of my sign in books. They're some of my favorite books here! You do such a nice job!

  3. As soon as I find my book I will take a picture of it and send it to you. You are right, I hardly ever look at it but it's beautiful anyway.

  4. Uhh, you made mine too. Guess I'm not special enough to make your list......

  5. Erin, I totally forgot I made your book too...thanks for reminding me & I love you tons!
    Amy, I fixed Chelsea's name - thanks but I can't remember the name of your roommate -I do remember at graduation, she stopped me and thanked me.

  6. I still have it too. And the little book you made when I had Carter.