Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hot Bridal Shower

Remember that bridal shower I told you about a few weeks ago, the one I made-up the game for?
 Today, I remembered that I hadn't downloaded the photos I took of the food & the recipe book.
So, below are a few images from the shower.
 The hot cocoa bar & the chocolate dipped spoons were a huge success. I really don't want hot cocoa without one of these spoons, it makes the cocoa so wonderful! If you've never tried one, do not wait another day, make one, buy one and then enjoy a delicious treat.  I found a recipe online that told how to make them:
A few weeks before the shower I had 24 spoons ready in less than an hour. Once the chocolate cooled, I wrapped these delicious spoons individually in little cello bags & tied them with a ribbon.

 The "Home Cooking" recipe book pictured below was a gift for the bride filled with simple recipes and a signature from all those that attended this shower.  I added a few stickers to this colorful spiral bound book and asked each guest to write down a recipe that they knew by heart.
This project only took about 15 minutes to make - once I found the stickers.
The bride needed simple things to cook since she's a college student.

Purple sugar frosted cookies - YUMMY

Chocolate dipping spoons for the hot cocoa
The pad the spoons  are sitting on was
 my thank you gift for the guests.


  1. Why are you so good at everything you do? It's not fair.

  2. That turned out really darling! Nice work! As always.