Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No Brainer Shower Games

I'm hosting a bridal shower for my good friend's daughter tomorrow night.  I've searched and searched the internet for a different bridal shower game and didn't see any that were different from ones I've played at friend's homes. I like games at showers but I hate ones where I have to prove I'm smart - maybe because I feel like these games are tests & I hated tests in school - let's face it, I usually stressed out when I had to take a test. 
So, in despiration, I made up my own game for tomorrow night.   

Hand a copy of the following questions to your guests.  Have your guests answer all the questions then have the bride read her answers. 
The guest that has the most answers the same as the bride's answers, wins a prize.

1. Where did you receive your first kiss?
2.What color are your eyes?
3. What is your shoe size ?
4. What is your ring size?
5. Write down your initials.
6. Your birthday month is -
7. What day were you born on?
8. What state where you born in?
9. Your favorite Christmas movie is.
10. Your favorite food is.
11. What is the most romantic song ever written?
12. If you could choose anywhere to go on a honeymoon, where would you go?
13. Where did you meet your 1st true love.
14. What was / is your major in college?
15. Favorite kind of book to read for fun (historical fiction, fantasy, history, science, mystery, etc.)  
16. Place in your family – 1st, 2nd, or 3rd child, etc. 
17. Place in your family – 1st, 2nd, 3rd daughter, etc.
18. Favorite subject in school?  
19. Favorite musical instrument.
20. Favorite season.

Sugar and Spice Game (Use for a baby girl shower)
Give yourself a point for for each thing you can answer yes to - the one with the most points wins. I also gave a gift to the one with the least amount of points.
  1. Did you put lipstick on before you came to the shower?
  2. Do you have lace on your clothing?
  3. Are you wearing earrings?
  4. Are you wearing a necklace?
  5. Are you wearing a braclet?
  6. Did you comb your hair before you left to come to the baby shower?
  7. Do you have high heel shoes on?
  8. Are you wearing a bow, flower or decorative clip in your hair?
  9. Are you wearing clothes that are pink or purple?
  10. Did you put perfume on today?
  11. Are there any curles in your hair right now?
  12. Do you have fingernail polish on your fingers?
  13. Do you have nail polish on your toes?
  14. Have you had a pedicure within the last month?
  15. Have you been to a beautician within the past two weeks?
Months later, I was at another neighborhood shower and I had one of my friends come up to me and say, I made sure I put on lipstick, jewlery and combed my hair right before I left my house, look, I even wore high heels.  We both laughed because I knew she was referring to my Sugar and Spice game I made-up.

If you've read this whole post, play along with my shower guests and after the bridal shower I'll let you know her answers - who will have the most answers like the bride to be? 
This could be our little internet game of the day -

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