Thursday, March 21, 2013

Little Visitors

Right before we left on our trip, Brittany and her two little ones came to our house for a visit.  Almost a year old, this little one loves her mommy and is such a petite little girl. 
Look close & you'll see her first tooth...
which finally made it's appearance while she was at our house.

"Look grandma, it's a mustache!" 
This 3 year old is so funny, he really has a great imagination.

He loves playing with his uncle's old Fisher Price action figures like the kayak,
submarine & the scuba diving man.
His grandmother gives the children their baths and usually lets him stay in for quite a while. 
He loves bath time.  His sister, not so much.

YEA!  Look at that smile.... we love our grandchildren!

Water coloring with the page I made for my Sunbeam class.

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