Thursday, March 21, 2013

Men's Dress Shirt Make-over

 Before I left on our trip, one of Mike's dress shirt's sleeves shrunk so instead of donating it to charity, I made a dress for our 20 month old granddaughter.  I even made the little chick that fits snugly inside the egg shaped pocket.  

I made grass along the hem out of soft mint fabric that I had from another project and then I added a little olive green hand stitched embroidery to the grass.  I also added the same soft mint fabric to the sleeves.  I kept hoping this dress would fit my granddaughter and when we arrived in Israel, her Mom tried it on her and yes, all the measuring her mother did actually worked and the dress fit my adorable little one. 

I taught her that the chick says, 
"Cheep cheep, I love you." 

I was inspired by a contest that my nephew's wife, Catherine Griffith, was in called "Project Run and Play".  After looking at what all the contests made, I googled a few sites and found a site out of Austria that make play things on the dresses and I really liked that idea.  I LOVE DETAILS!

The best part of making this toddler dress was not having to make button holes...they were already there plus I used the bottom portion of the dress and didn't even have to hem it!


  1. Very cute use of a man's shirt. I like remaking men's shirts too. The chick idea was very original. I bet that your granddaughter loved it.

  2. This dress is too cute!!! I seriously love the little egg for the baby chick!

    -Ash P

  3. What a great idea to add a play-toy feature to the dress! I am sure that this dress will be the one she asks to wear the most!

  4. Thank you for the complementary words. I've never shared my work on a site so this has been a lot of fun. I love the idea of a play thing on a dress for a little girl. It's so fun having a granddaughter to sew for!

  5. what a fun little dress! I love that little pocket.Great job Momma!
    with love,