Monday, March 4, 2013

Paint with Water Fun for Anyone

Yesterday, the lesson for the Sunbeams was "I am thankful for water".  The art activity I put together was painting with water - PERFECT PROJECT.  I found a website that had the easiest recipe to make your own watercolor paints & here's this website (I've also added the recipe below):
Above is one of the pages we gave to our Sunbeams - 3 & 4 years old.
This adorable blog also told how to use these watercolors to make your own paint with water pages. What a wonderful idea - RIGHT?  After watching the children paint their hearts out, I learned you have to add a lot of dots or lines so the little ones can paint and paint away.
Here's how you do it: Simply paint a lot of thick dots onto a coloring page that's been printed onto cardstock.  Then let your page dry.  It is now ready for children with paint brushes and a little bit of water in a cup.
Suggestion - do not let the watercolors sit overnight as directed before you create your pages, a few of them will be too hard to use & then you'll have to add more water to soften them up. 

The result was super simple & inexpensive compared to buying a bunch of paint with water books...besides they are hard to find.

RECIPE: 3 T. baking soda
        3 T. corn starch
        3 T. white vinegar
        1 1/2 tsp corn syrup
        food coloring (about 6 drops per color)
Mix the first four ingredients in a bowl.  This will sizzle because of the baking soda & vinegar, so be prepared for it to rise.  Divide the mixture into small containers depending on how many colors you want. Let the colors settle for several hours.  If you want hard watercolor paint, let them sit overnight.

Another side note, we filled an empty jar with snow, put a lid on tight & the children loved watching it melt.  They liked passing the jar around too.

It was a really fun day teaching these little ones." >

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