Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sea Glass Creations

I love, love, love sea glass. I've always wanted a necklace made out of sea glass.  I'm just too cheep to pay a lot for one of these necklaces. While in Israel, I found a lot of sea glass. 

When I got home, I watched a few You Tube videos on how to wrap sea glass. Saturday night, I created the above necklace. It's made of three pieces of sea glass, two pearl chains connected, two rocks with holes through them (which I also found on the beach near my son's house). I added the sand dollar charm and for around $7, I have my very own unique piece of jewelry. 

Do you love sea glass too?  
What do you like collecting when you take a walk along the beach?


  1. I want to make a fun necklace...good thing I'll be home all summer with you.

  2. Wow... that is LOVELY! Nice job mother!