Tuesday, August 27, 2013

36 Years Ago

Highlights of 1977
  • The first Apple Computer goes on sale. 
  • Quebec adopts French as the official language. 
  • Jimmy Carter is elected as the President of United States 
  • The first oil flows through the Trans Alaskan Oil Pipeline. 
  •  Elvis Presley Dies from a heart attack aged 42. 
  • In April, Mike graduated from Brigham Young University.
  • In August, Joy graduated from Brigham Young University.
  • Mike & Joy were married!
Highlights of 2013 - so far
  • In March, Brittany & her children come for a visit between Richman family weddings.
  • Discovered there were two leaks in the plumbing right before our big trip - had to redo three-fourths of the basement - luckily the work was covered by our homeowners insurance.
  • Trip to Israel.
  • Mike ran in a half marathon in Tel Aviv with Rob & Lorena.
  • Mike can't run for 5 months due to an injury obtained while preparing for the half marathon.
  • Trip to San Francisco with Rob's family.
  • Amy & John's family come to the home front for an extended stay.
  • Family visits to Utah from May through August.
  • Andrea & Isaac announce that we'll have our 6th grandchild in December.
  • Rob & Lorena announce that our 7th grandchild will be born in March 2014.
  • Joy helps drive Amy & Preston to their new home in Illinois & a reunion with John.
  • Mike & Joy celebrate 36 years of marriage 
Mike left these on our kitchen counter this morning. When I asked him where he hid them, he refused to say since it obviously was such a good hiding place. He said he may need to use that spot again. Did I pester him? No, way. What sensible woman would argue with that philosophy, go ahead, surprise me with flower any time! It's a great way to start the day.


  1. Awww, Happy Anniversary Great-Aunt Joy! Love you!

  2. So glad you two got married all those years ago. :)

  3. Best thing that happened 36 years ago for sure!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I liked all of your highlights.

  5. Your blog is really fun! You are so creative!!

    1. Thanks Lorain, we need to get together again for a craft day.