Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Is a graveyard one of the creepiest places around?  I actually find them quite interesting. Here's a few headstones from some of the oldest cemeteries in Boston.  There were so many skulls on the headstones, it was interesting but eerie.  The third cemetery we went to on The Freedom Trail had a sign that explained what the images meant.  The skull bones meant mortality. I found this quote that explains this:  "The primary reason skulls appeared on memorial and headstones was as a Memento Mori, a reminder of our own mortality, an aide-mémoire, should it be needed, that you too will die one day - death is inexorable!"
The other reason was that "Puritans did not advocate using religious symbols, such as cherubs, Christ figures, or crosses in their meetinghouses, on church silver, or on their gravestones. Puritans were adamantly against attributing human form to spiritual beings such as God, angels, or spirits." per the City of Boston Web site.

I hope you think this is interesting because I did or do you think it's creepy?

Happy Halloween!

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