Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fall Time in Massachusetts

Concord - where the "shot was heard round the world".  

House of Seven Gables, Salem, MA
This ship is the Friendship out of Salem.
Mike and I had a wonderful visit to Boston to see our adorable pregnant daughter.  We were there for only 3 full days but we took full advantage of those three days and saw so many historical sites.
On Friday, we walked The famous Freedom Trail and saw all so many sites that we had read about in history books.  We toured Boston Public Gardens, the state capital building, cemeteries,  and the USS Constitution. We had the best Boston clam chowder and a lot of fresh fish and chips and even went lighthouse hoping the Saturday before Halloween in the Salem area (not what most people were doing - we saw a ton of people in costume in Salem!)

 Notice the top of the weather it a grasshopper or a cricket?
This photo was taken inside the Bunker Hill Monument - we walked to the top to see this view of Boston.
We had lunch & then dinner at ye olde Union Oyster House restaurant.  It was so good. They claim that they are America's oldest Restaurant.

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  1. from Lorena: Beautiful pictures! You all look so happy and vivacious.