Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas in Massachusetts

The main reason Mike and I went to Massachusetts in December was to meet this little girl...our newest granddaughter. We think she's pretty beautiful!
She was such an easy baby that basically ate and slept so on Monday, December 23rd, we took a side trip to Plymouth. We loved seeing the town the pilgrims settled. We're pretty sure that one of Mike's ancestors was on the Mayflower - if I put the ancestry together we've heard about the town of Plymouth for forever and now we have our own memory of this darling town.  It was pouring while we were there but I think it's great that we got to experience this kind of weather since the exploring party went ashore at Plymouth on December 21, 1620 and it sounds like the weather was pretty close to what we experienced.

The statue below is called the Forefathers Monument and was completed in 1899.  I was impressed with the scripture and the faith promoting verses on the statue. Mike & I both commented that it's a shame that the main thing that brought the pilgrims to America would no longer be allowed onto a statue - meaning scriptures.  
 The pink was the top of my umbrella...seriously the rain was coming down really hard & fast!

Onto Plymouth Rock...we laughed when we actually saw this rock and read it's story. The pavilion that covers the rock is seen below.  If you're interested, go to this link to read it's story, it's interesting and again, we commented that this would never have been allowed during our time period.

 The Mayflower II - obviously, not the original Mayflower but this boat was built in Devon and crossed the Atlantic in 1957 and is a replica of the original ship.  It was closed the day we were there but it was still interesting to see how small it was and to think that 101 people crossed in this ship.

Inside the Pilgrim Hall Museum, is a piece of the Plymouth Rock that you're allowed to touch. This is the oldest running museum in the United States with a super friendly staff & it was warm and dry inside.  We really enjoyed getting out of the rain and found this museum to be really interesting.  

After the museum, we had a really good fresh fish lunch at a little restaurant on the pier called Wood's Seafood, I had lobster bisque and Mike had fresh fish and chips.  It wasn't fancy, you could almost call it a hole in the wall type of restaurant but the fish was fresh and our lunch was perfect!  I would recommend this place to eat if you're going to Plymouth. 
On Tuesday, thanks to Andrea's insistence, we went to see the JFK Presidential Library. Located on Columbia Point with amazing views of Boston and the Boston Harbor, and it's architecturally a beautiful building.  We really enjoyed learning more about John F. Kennedy. I was in second grade when he was killed and have very little memory of him as our president.

 It was super cold and really windy so we didn't take a very long walk around this building but if it had of been nicer, I know we would have because the day was clear, the views amazing but oh my, it was so freezing!

Christmas day - Mike bought his sweatshirt for Isaac...can you guess why? This baby was our favorite thing to hold.  What a great addition she is to our family.

December 26th...Mike holding his youngest grandchild and our beautiful daughter, Andrea.
Yes, I'd definitely recommend a  trip to Boston.  There is so much to do and see in Massachusetts that I feel we have just scratched the surface.  

About 10 minutes from Andrea's apartment is Revere Beach.  The next two shots were taken at this spot which is America's first public beach and was established as such in 1896.  I'd like to go to this beach during their sand sculpture contest just because I need a little inspiration!

Thanks to Andrea & Isaac for allowing us to come and spend Christmas with their little family!


  1. So glad you could come and enjoy all the area has to offer! You are amazing.

  2. from Lorena: Love the pictures of sweet little Marin! And I love the one you took of all the shells at the beach - that's a really cool shot.

    1. Thanks Lorena, Marin is adorable & those shells were all up and down that beach. I'm thinking they're clam shell but I really don't know if that's what they are.

  3. It was great to find you on G+ sewing today! Your grandaughter is gorgeous and I am so glad you came to New England to see her, We live in Vermont and love MA also, although we leave to see some grands in NC soon so the weather will be a bit warmer there!