Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Images of Israel

This post is a collection of photos I took of the sights and some of the things we saw during our latest trip to Israel.  Tomorrow, I'll post family photos but hopefully these images will give you a taste of some of the interesting places and things in Israel.

The Dead Sea - notice the salt encrusted rocks - if you ever get to float in the Dead Sea, take water shoes to walk on the rocks and do not shave your legs several days before you enter this water, you'll thank me later for this bit of advice.

Camels walking down the side of the road in Eilat which is on the southern tip of Israel
 The Red Sea - the country of Jordan is on the opposite shore.
A little barb wire is here and there and everywhere.

A bar mitzvah outside the Western Wall - we even saw a guy blowing a curly shofar horn but wasn't at the right angle to get a good photo.  Since we went on a Thursday, we saw several bar mitzvah's being celebrated - this is a great day to go to Old Jerusalem.
Ramparts Walk - Old City Jerusalem
We like Old Jerusalem, but the city is so so dirty with garbage everywhere which was really disappointing to me.
Some day, I want to take my painting supplies and oil paint like these artists...anyone want to join me?
Herzliya - reminds us of southern California
Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism - this image is on top of a water tower when you enter this town.  Don't you think that he's kind of scary looking?
Jordan River
 Sea of Tiberias or Sea of Galilee
Remains of a boat built around the time Christ lived.

 Mount of the Beatitudes


  1. Most of your pictures aren't working on my end.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I think you've gotten more and better pictures of Israel in your short visits than I have in the year and a half living here. Glad you let us steal some.