Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Having Family Near

Mike & I dream of having our children & grandchildren living close to us.  In February, that dream came true when Rob's family came to Utah with us so that Lorena could have their baby here.  We are grateful that they made the sacrifice to be apart for 6 weeks because we have enjoyed having their family close.  They've been staying with Lorena's family but every Saturday and Sunday we get to spend time with them & we're loving it.

Below are a lot of photos all from my iPhone showing what we've been doing starting with the most recent photos.  These photos were taken yesterday while we watched our oldest grandson's first t-ball game.  Which was hysterical because most of the four year old children had no idea what they were doing!  
 Sunday activities:
Playing Operation - those who know Mike, know that he doesn't usually play games but with his grandchildren he has picked-up a new hobby!  He'll even plays the piano with them.
One day, before Brittany & her children flew back to their home, I rented this giant blow-up castle so the grandchildren could have fun playing outside.  Thanks to Groupons for a reasonable & a successful activity for almost all the grandchildren plus a few neighborhood children.  

 But not everyone was happy!
We've  also been to the park quite a few times:

 It was great hearing our children play the piano again!   

Our children surprised Joy with an early surprise birthday party.  Thanks to Amy for making her a delicious cake!

Those little hands belong to a 22 month old grandson helping to add candles to this cake.

 Last minute hugs with our grandson before he left to fly back to his home.
Meeting our newest grandson - we got to visit him when he was just 18 hours old - so so tiny!

  A Saturday morning trip to the zoo:

 A different Saturday morning at Wheeler Farm:

 Lunch with our son & grandson after they went snowboarding:
This weekend we're thinking of going to see the new aquarium or This is the Place Park...
we'll let the two grandchildren decide which they'd rather do.