Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Family Reunion at the Beach

If you're going to have a family reunion and you want to have fun, go to the beach!  This is such a perfect place to play, dig in the sand & meet all those new relatives that have joined your family.

Thank you to all those that put this together, my two brother's for hosting the Thatcher clan at their places & for the Oregon weather; for not raining on us until the day I flew back home.  I'm  hoping we can do this again in two years and that more of my children will be able to attend.

Day One - Built a sand sculpture with my nieces and grand nieces & nephews.
Day Two - built another sand sculpture with more family it helps to have artistic nieces like Jennifer.
Joy & Joy - love this girl!

Spending time with my granddaughter:
Day Three - introduce my Andrea & granddaughter to Old Country Kitchen - YUMMY!

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