Friday, March 20, 2015

Okinawa Adventure

In January, Mike and I went to Okinawa to visit our daughter's family.  It was a long, long trip but worth the visit.  

One activity that's totally free was going on the roller slides.  They were a blast but get a roller slide shovel from all all a Yen store (the Japanese version of All a Dollar).  It'll save you posterior!  My niece said they use to use hardboard to sit on which would work too.

Here are more photos from that trip.  Besides the roller slides and the grandchildren, see if you can guess where our favorite places to visit were on that island.

Butterfly Garden next to the Peace Memorial Park

Zakimi Castle Ruins

Manza Point is the rock that looks like an elephant's head.

Great rock formations:

Kayaking in the ocean.

Beautiful Sunsets

The caves like my grandson is sitting in were so tempting to explore.

Okinawa has great beaches and an amazing amount of unique sea shells and sea glass and even pottery that washes up onto their shores. 

Mike and I have been talking about our favorite five things to do on Okinawa.  Here's some of the things that Mike liked best that was different from my list:
  • Former Navy Headquarters in Naha - I thought this place was historically interesting but very dark feeling.  The tunnels themselves weren't dark but the feeling I had in them was gloomy and sad.  Over 2,500 soldiers killed themselves in these tunnels when the American forces finally captured this island during World War II.
  • Checking out the different airplanes on base.
Here's what I liked:
  • Coral dying class next to Shuri Castle (Shuri Castle was pretty amazing too!)
  • Beach combing - exploring new beaches like sea glass beach.  
  • Paddling a kayak in the ocean.  My son-in-law rented the kayak at the marina across from Kadena Air Force Base.  This is were we tried out our kayaking skills. The water was clear and blue.
  • The Ferris wheel ride right at dusk because the views were amazing and afterwards eating authentic Japanese food at the American Village.
  • Churaumi Aquarium in Motobu - this was the best aquarium I've ever been to and I couldn't even read any of the signs!  They had a great eatery next to their huge aquarium where we ate and watched three whale sharks and a lot of other fish swimming.
The plane flight and the cost associated with this visit were expensive but we are planning on going again.  I can't even imagine having to wait another two years, 5 months more to see these darling grandchildren, our daughter or her husband. Nope, if I can help it, we'll be taking those long flights again.


  1. We're ready for you to come back whenever you want!

  2. from Lorena: What a spectacular trip! Beautiful photos.