Sunday, December 20, 2009

The True Meaning of Christmas

Today, I got to act out the nativity story with the Sunbeam class (the 3-4 year olds) during Sharing Time. I was a shepherd (just in case you can't tell from my amazing costume). This was the first time I've done this since our children were little. I remember one Christmas we actually used Amy as the baby Jesus...only 24 years ago! It was fun and things like this help me remember what Christmas is all about. Can you guess which child's parent borrowed my camera to take pictures of his child?

I also thought a lot about our grandsons and how when I held these precious babies I thought how sweet, small and so tender they are and wondered what Mary thought as she held her first born son.

Mike and I also went visiting / home teaching to our families. The message was on service. This was a perfect reminder that by serving others, we are doing what Christ would want us to do.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Just say it, "Adorable"! He really does look so much like Brian. Brittany just wants a part of him to be CANDRIAN...his long legs are definitely that part.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Second Grandson

Long thin fingers, skinny long legs, curly toes, tiny sweet lips, dark hair...and oh so ADORABLE! Our newest grandson.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random thoughts

Just a couple quick updates. The flowers came a few days after we got home from Sweden the note said there were from Michael Robert (our grandson). He's learning early how to make his Grandmother was a thoughtful way to say, "thank you".

The next photo was taken on Thanksgiving day. We were part of a 5k race at 8 a.m. in Draper where all the proceeds went to help the Utah Food Bank. It was so cold that morning but we liked that this run was for a good charity. Mike did fabulous...he placed 2nd out of his age group. I came in 8th out of 28 for my age group...I'm a lot slower than Mike but I keep telling myself that I'm steady. There were over 3,600 people in this race.
 I leave on Saturday to help Brittany with our newest grandson, James Brian Richman. Check out Brittany's blog and or Andrea's blogs for pictures. I'm taking my camera so next week, I'll be posting photos of our newest grandchild. We are so grateful that the Lord blessed us with two adorable grandsons. We're grateful for prayer and blessings too.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Granite Countertops

We can actually eat at the counter once again. YEA! The flooring arrived today. It's to be installed on Wednesday. YEA! Here's a look at the granite countertops  They are really beautiful.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This all started with getting bids for a new bathroom cabinet for the downstairs bathroom...and ended up with tearing out the kitchen cabinets, chipping away at the old tile flooring, replacing light fixtures and ordering granite countertops. The cabinets were torn out a week ago yesterday. We are down to one working sink. The new cabinets were installed last Thursday. On Saturday, the lights were installed by Garry & Brant Jeppesen, Jeff Candrian and Mike... I loved having family members working together to complete this task. I even got sick of picking out lights and the four men went to Lowes and choose a new light for our main bathroom and wouldn't let me look at it until it was hung. They did a good job with their selection.

I was painting the kitchen walls giving them a second coat while they were installing the last light. I've replaced cabinet knobs in all three bathrooms. I've spent days looking at hard wood flooring & am getting sick of looking. I found one flooring that Mike & I really liked but our installer came over last night and started to tell us everything we would need to do to the floor if we used the one we selected and this morning before I came into work, I stopped off at Home Depot to see what they had. No more cracked and the grout chipped out...I was thinking of wood laminate but afraid it would look fake once the granite countertops are in. What do you like better, wood lamitate or the wood flooring?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stockholm in the Fall

Fall in Stockholm is beautiful, you need to go to Amy's blog to see all the photos I've taken since we've been here.
Today, I thought you'd like to see the neighborhood that Rob & Lorena & Michael are living in....

They live really close to a marina so I walked down past the tennis club, past the park to the other side of the marina...I shot the photos looking back toward their duplex. The sign is the name of their street & I know you just love our photos of Michael...he really seems to have grown since we've been here.
Our little boy was blessed at church today. I am so happy we were able to be here for this sacred event. We have to leave tomorrow. I've already shed tears!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

6 weeks old

We arrived one week ago today. Today our grandson is 6 weeks I was running yesterday I thought about how much babies change and how at first our time is measured in we measuring time in months and as we grow older we measure our time in years. Isn't it sad that we aren't growing and developing weekly? I mean, just think how much we could at least mentally grow. This is Michael with little Michael a week ago...this was taken Thursday night. He loves his bath time with Grandma! During his bath time, we had a great chat tonight. I asked him what his cousin was going to be like and he smiled and tried to tell was so cute!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Carmel Corn if you dare

II made yummy baked carmel corn to take to our visiting teaching / home teaching families. Tonight, after a long day of church meetings, Mike was relaxing, reading and munching on some of this delicious treat when he felt something lodge into one of his crowns. Sadly, he broke a piece of his crown right off! Luckily, it doesn't hurt but he now has a nice jagged edge on the crown. Here's the picture I took so Brian could do some long distance dental consulting with him. (So nice to have a son-in-law that knows about these things).
I also decided to share what we took to our families. Here's a photo of the package I'm delivering tomorrow (since it's one of my V.T. sister's birthday on Columbus Day). Notice the witch card and a black shoe made from cardstock...I got this idea from one I saw in Paper Craft Magazine a few years ago...the shoe is overflowing with carmel corn.
Below is the recipe...if you make it!

RECIPE: Spray a large baking pan in preparation for the popcorn. Dump the popped popcorn into the sprayed pan...Mix together...1 c. butter, 1 c. brown sugar, 1/2 tsp. salt, 1/4 c. corn syrup...let boil for 5 minutes without stirring. Stir Into the hot mixture: 1/4 tsp. of baking soda and 1/2 tsp. vanilla
Pour over 3 quarts of popcorn (I use 3 bags of microwave popcorn). I also carefully picked out all the un-popped kernels from the mix...don't want to break any crowns or teeth!
Bake at 275 degrees for 15 minutes...stir and bake 15 minutes more.
Dump out onto wax paper and try to wait for it to cool without eating any...I bet you can't do it!
WARNING:  Do not eat if you have crowns!

Friday, September 4, 2009


"SIGN SIGN EVERYWHERE A SIGN..." Andrea commented on her memories of the "fish" sign.... I decided to take a few pictures of signs. It's interesting how signs
can bring back memories. . .
SIGNS can also provide Warnings...
On Sunday, we saw this sign and watched as a couple totally ignored the sign and walked up the side of this mountain...maybe they couldn't read English or figure out what the symbol on the sign stood for...hum? Do we do this in our lives, totally ignore warning signs?

Crossing Bridges

The other day Mike said that we've crossed a lot of bridges together and he's right we have...32 years of marriage will do that. We've learned a lot, suffered with trials, experienced death of our parents. We've watched our children grow into fine adults. Trips with family are happy times for us. This past weekend we enjoyed a wonderful trip where we crossed a few bridges, Richmond Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge as we celebrated this milestone. We enjoyed beautiful, warm weather on Saturday, jogged around his old Marin neighborhood, visited a beloved neighbor, Mrs. Boro (who took Mike to his first Giants game) savored the views of San Francisco, watched the musical, "WICKED" (love, love, love it)! We hurried to the Giant's game where Mike met a friend, John Boro. The Giants won & Panda hit a ball out of the park...reason for celebration! Andrea came with us too and it was great to share one on one time with her...besides we had our own personal photographer.
Sunday, we went to the only ward left in Marin & Mike saw a few people he knew from his youth...very few. The day was foggy and chilly toward the city but we still enjoyed our few days in this beautiful part of the world.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kent - Baby Quilt - 10 k

Last Thursday, Kent married Amber. It was the shortest wedding I've ever been to. The wedding party was lovely the flower girls adorable & the cake that Jill made was amazing. We picked Amy up from the airport in just enough time that she was able to congratulate the adorable couple and hang out with her cousins.

Last Saturday, Amy ran in the 10k with me...she actually ran ahead of me. She also kept running backwards to make sure I was behind her & towards the end she linked arms with me so I could pick-up my stride to finish this race. It probably wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't of burned my leg on Thursday...but I was going to prove to myself that I could run over 6 miles. I felt really bad for holding her up. She could have had a much better time than 1 second ahead of me...but I'm grateful that she cared enough for me to help me achieve this goal. THANK YOU AMY!


After the race we had a baby shower for Brittany. Thank you to all of you who e-mailed me advice for her "Parent tips" book. She loved the book & the tips were great. I even forwarded some onto Rob & Lorena. Here's a picture of the quilt I made for Brittany & Brian's baby boy.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Once Again Blessed

Saturday, Amy & I will run in my first 10k for the Wasatch Woman Love Your Body. I got really nervous yesterday & thought I'd ruined my chances of running when I stupidly poured out a pan of boiling water into the sink which splashed onto my right leg. Luckily, I had the sense to get a package of frozen Betty Crocker lemon frosting from the freezer (left over from a muffin mix that I thought I'd use but never have) anyway I found that it made a great ice was pliable & skinny & long but honestly, it was the first frozen thing I found to grab to cool the burning skin. THANK YOU BETTY CROCKER for making a great, versatile product!

So yesterday, instead of training for this run, I sat on a bar stool & iced my leg & prayed that it would be alright and thought how stupid I was to pour boiling water in a sink towards me instead of away from me...after a half hour I tried to run but only made it around the block before my leg was burning so I went home & iced my leg some more. I made it to work & iced my leg most of the morning but by the time I got to work, I'd moved onto a large chunk of ice, place a towel on top of it, found a carpet sample which I placed onto my garbage can & elevated my leg with the ice on top of that. I've also applied a lot of aloe onto my leg & love it's "cooling" effect on the burn.

Today, I was actually able to go running. Imagine my joy when I saw a fox run across the jogging path I was on. It was so cool! I have never seen a fox in Utah ...except for in the zoo...I think. Anyway, I feel like my prayers were answered & even though my leg has ugly red marks on it... it didn't blister & I feel really confident that I can run in tomorrow's race...along with 1350 other women. THAT'S a lot of WOMEN! I may need more prayers to run with that many women.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kirk & Bear World

KIRK actually let me take a few pictures of him...he's really grown-up into a fine, handsome young man. (When he was younger, he refused to let anyone take his picture).

Since it was a cooler August day, instead of water skiing with Sue & Garry in Island Park like we'd planned, we had a great time observing nature in a somewhat natural environment at Bear World. Kirk was our tour guide & our nephew, Jeff, came along for the adventure. Black & brown bears literally sat-up and begged for we helped feed deer, grizzlies, but honestly, the bears were the best!

On Sunday, Kirk talked in church and although he was nervous, he did a great job explaining the Church's background in Ghana. We love you Kirk! (I know you read this). He'll do great on his mission & I know all the Elders in other places will be jealous that he doesn't have to wear a suit coat & gets to wear sandals.

While there, Jeff told us mission stories about accidentally breaking ladders & bridges in Cambodia. Interesting foods he ate...I wonder what adventures Kirk will have?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Yesterday morning, I made an easy recipe that is so YUMMY, I knew you'd all want to try it:
Strawberry Smoothie.

1 vanilla low-fat Yoplait yogurt (Yoplait yogurt is the only yogurt I like).
7 fresh medium, strawberries, cut-up
Put the above in a blender & blend until smooth.
Add 10 medium ice cubes
1 tsp. real vanilla
Blend until it looks like ice cream.
Pour into a glass and ENJOY!
This is so nutritious and delicious and only about 135-145 calories too. (depending on how many strawberries you use).

Friday night Mike & I went to "Singing in the Rain" at Hale Center Theater in Orem to see our amazingly talented sister-in-law perform. The play was funny, entertaining and really well done! Nancy was fabulous! If you ever have the chance to see this play, go because it was worth it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yesterday, Rob & Lorena flew to Stockholm. Mike got the call saying they arrived tired but safely. I've promised myself that I'd be happy for them......and I truly am. Rob likes his job with the State Department, he loves to travel & his stay in Sweden will be a great experience for his family. It'll even mean Mike & I will hopefully travel to Sweden at least yearly.

Why did I cry when jogging yesterday morning?
Why did I cry when saying the blessing on our food Sunday night?
Why did Amy & Brittany call me crying, Monday night; and then I started to cry?
Why did I cry when I called Rob to wish he & Lorena a safe trip yesterday?

TEARS pop into my eyes; I breath deeply and tell myself, "It's okay, it's a great opportunity, all our children are employed, I can deal with the separation of mother from adult-child. I remind myself that I am grateful for the different modern forms of communication like: cell phones, computers with cameras, e-mail and gchatting! (How did our ancestors leave their homes & family?)

Sweden is almost 5,000 miles from Utah, a fight to DC seems to take all day but to Sweden it's a minimum of 16 hours and 20 minutes! DC is two hours ahead of us but Sweden is 8 hours ahead of us.
I also ponder how Mike & I will keep our family close in-spite of the miles? 
(SUGGESTIONS appreciated.)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th Family Activities

All our children and their spouses came home for the 4th of July weekend. We celebrated this holiday in Idaho, thanks to Garry & Sue, Island Park was our ultimate destination. They graciously let us go to their cabin and like old times, we had a blast!

This is Lorena with the San Francisco / California baby quilt I designed and made for our first grandchild, Michael Robert. The quilt took hours to create, I know a few things I'd change but there is a lot of symbolism on this quilt and they can use the quilt to teach our grandchild about their California roots.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The next gereration

Matt and Tiffany were in Utah this past weekend.
We were delighted to visit with them on Saturday.
They introduced their baby to us...
the next generation of Candrian's.
She's just three months old and is absolutely adorable!
We really enjoyed meeting her, thank you for coming.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Michael Jeppesen

Just a few thoughts about our adorable nephew, Michael Jeppesen...he is leaving next week for a two year mission to Richmond, Virginia. On Sunday, he spoke in church. Mike & I had the privage of going to hear him. (We drove up to Sugar City, Idaho and back on Sunday...good thing I had a good book to read.) He spoke about two conference talks which dealt with adversity...and tied in Joseph Wirthlin's talk about, "Come what may, and love it!" He did great! We hope he enjoys this week and BYU finals.

First Place

I honestly thought I'd be 60 before I'd come in FIRST (in my age division) but on Saturday, Mike & I both ran in the Judges run for more info go to: (the proceeds were for breast cancer research). We got up at around 6:15 a.m. and were at Highland High School by 7...we parked near the finish line, which was around 3/4 a mile away and walked back to the high school...then ran around the perimeter of Sugar House Park, back to the high school, up 2100 South, north at 1500 East and over to 1700 South for our 5 k. Mike with his amazing long legs actually finished a little over 5 minutes faster than me. He finished 3rd for his age group... but imagine my delight when I saw that my name was in first place ! We had two funerals to attend that same day but this was one awards ceremony I wasn't going to miss. (One of my children asked if I was the only one in my age, I finished faster than 7 other women my age, I was the 88th finisher but Mike finished 41st! He's really amazing and so cute!).
I really love that women my age don't run as fast as the men do...and I'm okay with that fact.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wow, what a tour!

Sunday night Mike & I got home from another DC trip. We enjoyed being with our children...except Amy who's on her own work adventure in Botswana (luckily, we did get to chat with her using Rob's laptop & it was great to hear her voice!) We really missed her!
My favorite tour ever was arranged by Brittany to view the upper dome of the capital. WOW! The views and the art work were amazing. Thank you Brittany! Connections make life very interesting. Did you know that one of the medallions opens up like a hatch and you can look at the floor below? (see the middle photo). We joked about the 300 stairs we took to get to the top of this building. We were so grateful it stopped raining...the views of the city were really clear.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beach Memories

At an early age, the ocean was in-grained into my soul. My mother would load up the family car and take her children to the Oregon beaches. There would be a sense of excitement when we could roll down the window of the car and actually hear the ocean’s roar. But the site of the ocean was always the most thrilling moment of that drive. We’d all claim that we were the first to see the ocean thus winning some unmentioned game that ended our hour and a half road trip.

My Mother would rent a motel room with a "kitchenette" and an indoor, heated swimming pool. The beach then became our play ground. We often heard Mother’s strict instructions and followed them with the same strict obedience Mother would say, “Do not go too far out into the ocean; it will suck you out to sea with its strong undertow!” She even told us, "If we dug our holes in the sand too deep, we’d end up in China." I positively know that we never dug that deep nor did any of us ever get sucked out into the ocean currents. What did a Mother from Utah really know about the ocean? She actually knew a lot and taught us the names of the ocean creatures, the history of the Tillamook burn (from three separate fires in 1933, 1939 and then again in 1945) and the most important thing was how to enjoy the beautiful beaches God created along Oregon’s coastline.
We’d get up at the crack of dawn hoping for low tide and the chance to be the first ones on the newly washed shore. We’d scavenge the sand looking for sea shells; with any luck, we’d find whole sand dollars! I still am obsessed with the desire to collect sea shells, every beach I go to, I look and look, hoping to find an unusual shell. . . . . Last week I had that chance. Andrea and I met in Tampa, Florida to explore a few beaches. The first beach was St. Pete's Beach, next was Ft. Myers Beach and then Sanibel Island (known for their seashells). It's hard to imagine piles of seashells on a beach, but the right beach actually had so many seashells that when the waves came in; the water would move the shells and you'd hear the rustling of seashells. I wouldn't of believed a place like this actually existed! The ocean water was so warm and clear on these beaches. I am so grateful for the beautiful world that God created for us.
I absolutely love everything about the beach! I love walking barefoot in the sand. Even as an adult, I love to build sandcastles; I learned how to drizzle details onto my sandcastles by using the right consistency of sand mixed with ocean water (I think Carol taught us this technique). I wanted to laugh when a lady asked me how we made the sand look like icing? Here's the sandcastle Andrea and I worked on our last full day at Ft. Myers Beach. I've decided that creating sandcastles is a good way to met people. We had comments from tourists from Switzerland, Germany, Ohio, Minnesota...It's a great way to unwind. I like to think of it as "sand therapy".

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mike's San Francisco trip

Last Thursday, Mike flew to San Francisco to meet his friend, Steve Grant and enjoy a few Giants games. He and Steve rented bikes and rode across the Golden Gate Bridge. SF seems to rejuvenate Mike's spirit. There must be something about the bay area that he needs in his system. My only request was that he couldn't come back to Utah without fresh sour dough french bread. YUM!
I stayed home and Mike also brought home tickets for "Wicked" so, to celebrate our anniversary(the end of August), we'll be going to SF. On Saturday, I ran in a charity race along the Jordan Parkway, it was a fun I came in 1st for my age group and improved my 5k time.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Wrongfully Accused

Peggy Candrian loved the "PC" on the mountain in Park City. We decided that she needed a picture of her with her initials. So being the photographer that I am, I drove down a residential street trying to get closer to the mountain so she would have a good shot of her with her initials. While taking the photograph, a guy in a red truck pulled up a little ways from us and stayed while we took our three photos. We left the neighborhood and drove down the highway looking for the street to go to the Olympic Museum. anyway the red truck kept following us. This is making me a little worried...maybe he's an undercover police officer and I better make sure I'm going the speed limit. Okay, occasionally I don't ...but I'm usually pretty good at obeying the traffic laws. I turned into a street that I thought would take us to the museum, oops, it was one street too soon plus there was a sign that said, "private property, do not enter." Being the good citizen that I am, I turned around, got back onto the highway and right then, red lights start blaring...obviously, unknown to me, I messed up somehow...but I couldn't figure out what I had done.

Not only does one police car pull me over but pretty soon I have a police car in front of me and two behind me. Then there are policeman surrounding my car. Okay, really what did I do?

The police officer at my window asked me what I was doing in the neighborhood? I'm nervous and start talking really fast explaining how my husbands cousins are visiting us from California and Peggy wanted her picture taken with the "PC". I start to introduce everyone in the car to the police officer and then as proof, I whip out the camera and show him my photos. What did I do wrong, I asked him, talking a mile a minute...he asks for my license which I pull right out....takes it back to his car. When he comes back he asked me if I ran a red light. No, I tell him, I've been going the speed limit and trying to obey all the laws. Well, the guy in the red truck had called us into the Park City poise saying we were driving suspiciously and ran a red light and he is just sure that we are the ones who broke into his two homes in that neighborhood a few days ago. (My car is a little Acura, not a lot of trunk space...wouldn't a robber had a bigger car so they could actually steal more things? Besides, we were three harmless women with a little white dog).

I'm sure by the time the police officer got done with us, he was laughing all the way to his car. Oh, James or Jill, if you read this, would you check this story out? I want to let the Park City police force know the guy in the red truck was harassing us for no reason.

I was so embarrassed...imagine, me a robber?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Blessing of Family & Friends

Family & Friends really can be a blessing when...they are thoughtful and talented.

I came home from jogging last week and a friend was planting my planter box for me. Isn't it beautiful? I was so delighted and surprised!

My oldest brother, Lester, came into town and I hired him to build a shower in our basement. After 23 years in this house, we finally have a shower. YEA! I still need to get a glass person to make the shower door but doesn't it look great? Wait, look at the pretty border....
On Friday, Mike's cousins, Barbara & Peggy (and Bruno too) came from Eureka, California for a short visit. We loved having them...they were so much fun. We had a little Candrian Cousin party Friday night. (Thank you to all who came.) Barbara went on evening walks with me and brought a copy of a letter from her Father that took the Candrian line back one more generation. Mike enjoyed reminiscing and watching old home movies while it was my chance to just get to know them better.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here's an easy journal to make.

Purchase from Michaels Craft store this $1.00 journal.

Add contrasting stickers along the bottom.

Tie on coordinating ribbon along the spiral binding.

In church last week, a darling newly returned sister talked about miracles and how she created a simple miracle journal to document all the miracles she saw while on her mission. I loved the idea and have been looking up the scriptures that talk about miracles and recording them in the front of this journal. Next, I hope to fill the journal with the miracles I see.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3rd place

On Saturday, I ran in the American Diabetes race by the U of U Research Park.
It was a windy, stormy morning .
The best part was I came in Third place for my age group...
Mike thought I should wear my metal to church on Sunday.
Sorry, the ribbon didn't match my Easter dress.
I may be slow but it really was exciting to finally place!
My new goal is to keep running until I'm 60...
(I've noticed not many women who are that age still run... maybe by then, I'll win the race! )

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oil Painting & Easy Salsa

Every since I was little, I have loved being creative. My mother encouraged my sister and I to sew our own Barbie doll clothes, furniture and even a cardboard Barbie house. Mom had plenty of artistic supplies for us to create these items with: a couple of closets seriously full of fabric, tins filled with beads and one with all shapes and sizes of buttons.
I love to oil paint - (Here's my first portrait....I finished her in March. I'm taking a fun class teaching me to paint portraits on Thursday nights.) No, I don't know who the person is, I was suppose to paint someone I did not know.

Yummy Salsa Tip:
Here's a fun way to make yummy salsa. Purchase your favorite salsa from the store (we like the fresh salsa that you get in the produce area)...add 1 can of tomato sauce to about 1/2 cup of the salsa. Warm the salsa in a small sauce pan, pour into a bowl..and enjoy with your favorite tortilla chips.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Thursday night after book club, I picked Amy up from the airport. She came home for Conference weekend. She really just wanted to hang out with all of her friends...and see her family. Friday night Sue, Garry and Kirk (Mike's sister's family) came for a few nights. Our adorable nephew, Kirk got his mission call to Cape Coast Ghana on Friday. We are so excited for him. Our adorable nephew, Michael, spent Saturday night with us too. Today we had 10 people for dinner between the conference sessions.

Monday night my brother, David, and his family are coming for a couple nights. This Saturday afternoon Andrea gets to come home for the next two weekends. She gets to work in Utah for the week. Mike's Candrian cousins are coming to visit Utah for the first time the first of May. We are so excited to show them around. I really like company!