Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quiet Book

Brittany thought I should make a quiet book for little boy, so I thought, if I was making one, why not make four?
Doesn't everyone just love a cute quiet book to take to church? I had fun looking on-line and getting ideas.   This project has already taken me a  little over a month to create but I want our grandchildren to enjoy this special grandma & Brittany made books  for years . . .who knows, maybe for generations! 
Here are our pages:
This is the back's a tic tac toe game but with various sports balls (some of the books have basket balls and footballs - love these foam pre-decorated balls) I commented to Mike that this activity is a little old for our grandsons but Mike thought our children could play it to keep themselves entertained.

This funny guy has different eyes, a set of glasses, various noses and mustaches, and varous crazy smiles, lips and whatever I could come up with. The bow tie was Brittany's idea. I like his fake fur hair.
Inside the barn are five animal finger puppets. The page zips up so the critters won't fall out.
On the right, is an aquarium where the fish can swim by sliding across the page and the seahorse swims up and down ...I used a clear sheet protector and foam fish, shells bubbles foam coral, sand paper for the bottom of the aquarium and a shinny fabric for the water effect. (My very own idea...I wish the photo had of turned out's so easy to play with.

The car on the right has button-on wheels and a button-on sun. The window was made with a clear sheet protector. The house with a little car can be driven around on the road.

My robots have pipe cleaner legs and arms so that they can be taken off the page and played with.
The bodies and heads are interchangeable.
The monster page has a place for a pad of paper and pencil or pen. The noses are pom poms and the monsters have googly eyes. The little white monster is very soft...he's made from chenille yarn.  He's a mini stuffed creature that can be removed and played with.

I found silver ribbon for the blade part of the ice skate.  When I saw this idea, I loved that it was different and not a shoe...hopefully children are still learning to tie...are they?
The mitten has soft red fabric on it's cuff and soft warm fleece for the hand to slide into. I wish I had of made this a little bigger, my hand doesn't fit into it.

The snowman with pipe cleaner arms has accessories like hats and scarves in the brown bucket -type pocket. 
The grass page has varous things hiding in the grass like a dragonfly button, two little flannel kittens, a heart, a key and whatever I could find that was little. I love the embroidered felt butterfly coming out of the grass.  Brittany used all her sewing skills to attach the items that are hiding! Can you see the black feather?


  1. I can't wait to get my copy! You're impressive mother. I've said it before and I will continue to say it, you amaze me with your creativity!

  2. Wow... that's incredible! Nice work, mom!

  3. from Lorena: Wow - that is absolutely amazing! The grandkids are going to love it. Or as Mike said, perhaps not just your grandkids, but your kids too! Looks like so much fun. Can't believe all the cute details.
    Do you know of the website I suppose that is the sort of thing you make out of love and not to sell, but if you ever had the itch to sell, that is a good venue.

  4. AMAZING! If James doesn't play with it, I will!