Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So Blessed to Live Now - William Miller 1775 - 1840

I have been going thru all the papers concerning the history of my ancestors (my mother was really into geneology) and came across a document called "Inventory of the Estate of William Miller" which was filed on 27 August 1840.  William lived in South Whitehall Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania from 1775 until 1840.  His father, Adam Miller, actually bought his land from the Indians sometime around 1769.  Amazing heritage.  He had nine or ten children. Anyway, as I was typing up a transcript of all of his early goods, I got an overwhelming feeling of being so blessed to have been born in this day and age.  Here is a list of his worldly goods, and according to history books, he was quite wealthy.  Neighbors owed him close to $1,000 pounds or was it dollars by then...hum? His records look like a mini loan statement from a bank.

1 - Stove and pipe

2 - Iron Ports

Gunsmith tools and box

2 - Smoothern Irons


Dunk and tools

Basket and Sundrys

1 - Saddle Bag

1 - Gradel

2 - Kettels

1 - Rifel and Sundrys

2 - Pairs of Boots

1 - Wearing Apparel

1 - Bed and bedding

1 - Table

1 - Small table and one Waiter

1 - Looking glass

6 - Chairs

1 - Coverlid and one blanket

5 - Books and one map

1 - Trunk and Sundrys

1 - Clock or cloack (not sure which)

1 - Tea pot and sugar bowl, pitcher

1 - Dozen knives and forks

2 - Bottles and 5 glasses

1 - Waiter and Sundrys

1 - Prayer book and Sundrys

Bedding and Sundrys

Dishes, Plates, Cuts and saucers

1 - Drawer

3 - Pictures

2 - Hats

How long do you think it would take you to make a list of all of our worldly possessions?


  1. Very interesting. I suppose I'm wealthy in ways I hadn't even thought about. And, by the way, it would take me forever just to list all the clothes I have. Kind of embarrassing to admit.

  2. that is very interesting..Evelyn and I were talking and wanting to get together with you and see what you have in the way of histories. We are collecting just to have for us. So let us know when you are available.....and thanks for sharing!

  3. I have far too many worldly possessions and I know it, not a good thing.