Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun Recipes for Children

While cleaning out my recipes last night, I came across the following favorite recipes.

  • Monster Munchies were a favorite of Rob's.  This came out of a Star Wars activity book. 
  • The bird's nests are super easy and fun to make around Easter or what about after talking about birds or going bird watching with your child?  This came from a magazine called Ranger Rick
  • The cutout cakes are so fun.  I made the space ship for an outer space birthday party for Rob right after we moved to Utah.  I think these adorable cake ideas were from Good Housekeeping MagazineBrittany, how about the truck or giraffe for James? 
  • I added Cheesy Pizza Soup onto our family recipe sharing blog:


  1. Oh man, those recipes brought back some memories!

  2. James would LOOOOVE the truck. Good idea.

    I do love that cheesy soup.

  3. I love the recipes, how fun to look back and remember favorites! You always have great posts!