Monday, June 11, 2012

102nd Dipsea Race

For years, Mike has wanted to run the Dipsea Race. His father ran on this trail and talked about his runs and because his father talked about it, Mike wanted to do it. This race is the oldest race in the nation...102 years old this year. For this race, Mike ran 7.4 miles up and up and up the coastal mountains starting in Mill Valley and ending in Stinson Beach. There are also about 668 stairs which aren't even, there are rocks and roots sticking out of the trail and this year there was heat.  Of course, Mike did it and I'm proud of all his training and efforts to be in shape enough to run this. You'll never believe who won the race, not it wasn't Mike but a 72 year old man! (They add different handicaps to the runner's times.) Mike finished #967 out of 1438 runners - amazing considering the difficulty. 
His good friend, John Boro, ran in this race several years ago and on Saturday took Mike and myself over the tough parts of the race and offered Mike tips to finish. 

 Coming through the finish line.