Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stained Glass

After thinking about adding a stained glass window to our entry for 25 years, I finally designed this window.  The window took weeks to cut out and then time to solder it together and paint the patina onto the solder. Last night I got two of the panels in place and then had to ask for help from Mike to get the other three to stay. This morning when I looked into the entry, I saw the colored glass illuminated from the natural light.  I'm glad I took the time to make this. I can see things I'd change but for now, this project is done once I add a little more silicone to the edges of the glass. (The silicone is holding the glass in place).
WARNING...If you come visit, please don't slam my front door! I'm not sure how secure the glass truely is.
Opps, I just noticed that one of my ship plates is crooked...I must fix that tonight.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Highway to Hale and our Tennessee visitors

Here we are dressed up for the "Highway to Hale" 5k race which was in Orem on Saturday, Oct. 30th. Mike was a winning, happy S.F. Giant's Fan and I wore Amy's old bee costume that she wore 20 years ago (with a few adjustments). For about 10 minutes, I was announced the winner of the 50 - 59 year old women until we were leaving the festivities and I looked at the time that was posted for Mike and relized that he had my time and I was given his time.  Our numbers had gotten mixed up with our names  and unfortunately for me, I am not as fast as Mike. I gave back my award and prize and must be happy with the fact that we both placed 3rd for our age group...but it was fun thinking I won for those few minutes!
 Look who's visiting. 
YUM...Grandma let me try an orange and I loved it!
The proud Grandparents.

This happy but sleepy little boy came with his adorable mother to visit his Grandparents. When he's alert and active, he babbles the most creative words and Mike and I delight in his entertaining personality.