Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stained Glass

After thinking about adding a stained glass window to our entry for 25 years, I finally designed this window.  The window took weeks to cut out and then time to solder it together and paint the patina onto the solder. Last night I got two of the panels in place and then had to ask for help from Mike to get the other three to stay. This morning when I looked into the entry, I saw the colored glass illuminated from the natural light.  I'm glad I took the time to make this. I can see things I'd change but for now, this project is done once I add a little more silicone to the edges of the glass. (The silicone is holding the glass in place).
WARNING...If you come visit, please don't slam my front door! I'm not sure how secure the glass truely is.
Opps, I just noticed that one of my ship plates is crooked...I must fix that tonight.


  1. Holy Moly, mother, you are so talented it makes me sick. How did I got NONE of those genes? I feel like I got plenty of other ones from you, but somehow the creativity one slipped from my creation.

  2. Good job, Mom! That looks absolutely lovely!