Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Candrian Relatives

The little boy in the middle, behind his grandfather is Robert Lincoln Candrian.  The old man is Frederick Hauser. I just love this photo.  I can see the love in Frederick Hauser's face for his grandsons. Can you?

  This is one of the few family photos I've ever seen of both of Robert's parents and his brother, Bill. 
Robert is the taller boy in the photo.

Don't you just love the old car?  I wonder what kind it is?

Robert L. Candrian winning a high school track race.
 He held a record for his running that wasn't broken for something like 40 years!
Such a wonderful thing has happened, I've become acquainted with a lost relative.  So, for you Gabby and all the rest of my nieces that read this blog, here are a few photos of your Candrian relatives.  Sorry, they aren't cropped.  These were scanned a long time ago and I had no idea what I was doing back then.